“FREE: A Sculpture Show” at Gallery 1010

On September 7, students from the Sculpture area hosted a show at Gallery 1010. The artists whose work was showcased included Jessica Brooke Anderson, April Bachtel, Jonathan Broyles, G.M.Bundy, Sarah Campbell, Jenny Chin, Caroline Hatfield, Alexandra Kirtley, Kevin Varney, and Dean Yasko.


According to the show statement, it is “an exhibition that presents contemporary work made by UT undergraduate and graduate students, FREE art celebrates the power of transformation in everyday items, found objects, and recycled materials. The ideas behind these works may be diverse, but they are united by their innovative use of everyday items. These artists manipulate and repurpose common materials and by doing so, create an opportunity for dialogue between the audience and the perception, use, and reclamation of these materials. Things that might be considered trash can in fact become art, and vehicles for expression and creativity.”


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