University of Tennessee School of Art offers new MFA concentration


The School of Art announces a new three-year MFA concentration designed to support discovery, research and creative activity between graphic design and time-based media. Transmedia Design merges the former Graphic Design and 4D area masters concentrations into a new graduate curriculum. Combining faculty from both areas, it will begin its inaugural year with the Fall 2013 semester. “This program will compliment our other MFA concentrations already offered in Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Ceramics,” says David Wilson, School of Art Associate Director and Graduate Program Director.

Within Transmedia Design, the faculty foresee work being produced on a variety of levels including: interaction design, design strategy, video, film, performance, gaming, identity and branding, sound art, information design and motion. “The fields of both design and time-based media have changed considerably over the past several years. We see this merger as an opportunity to expand in a manner that does not require an approach through only one lens,” says Sarah Lowe, Associate Professor of Design.

In addition to the core curriculum work, advanced research will be conducted via three courses that have already been in rotation across the two areas. Experiments in Space, Experiments inSystems, and Experiments in Sequence are upper division courses that explore topics and theories beyond the world of art within a studio context. Evan Meaney, a joint hire between the Design and 4D areas, is the first hybrid faculty member within the concentration. He is currently conducting interdisciplinary work with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and sees these classes as critical to evolving an understanding of what Transmedia Design can be. “Collaborative research outside of the art and design worlds deepens a students understanding of what their own notions of art and design are. Discovering new concepts of what their work can be illustrates our intentions with the Transmedia Design program.”

The program has four graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs) available for the 2013-2014 academic year. Graduate assistantships offer both a tuition waiver and a stipend, providing students with the opportunity to become more involved in the School of Art teaching community. GTAs complete a course on teaching methodologies, and there is the potential to both assist faculty and be an instructor of record.

For more information on the program, please contact:

Evan Meaney,
David Wilson,

Or visit the website:


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