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Elements of the 3 Bridges Project, including the JFG sign, the marque for the Tennessee Theatre, graduate student Raluca Iancu with a sample paper building with screen printed doors and windows, and a paper Sun Sphere.

Students and faculty in the UT School of Art Printmaking Program are collaborating with colleagues from Ohio University and Northern Illinois University on the “Three Bridges Project,” a hypothetical city at 1:50 scale that combines signature elements of Knoxville (Tennessee), Athens (Ohio) and Dekalb (Illinois). The concept of “Three Bridges” references the “Milwaukee Bridge War” of 1845 between early settlers of Milwaukee. The project presents a hybrid city where the different communities are linked by draw-bridges. Funding for the project comes, in part, from the sale of small-scale billboards for printmaking suppliers, and will be installed at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design’s Riverview Gallery during the 2013 SGC International Conference, March 20-24, 2013. This project builds on prior collaborative projects with Ohio University, including the “We Have a Dream Project” for Knoxville’s MLK Parade in January 2011.


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