Spotlight: Sculpture

The UT Sculpture Club has been very active this spring semester, including a recent collaborative installation at Gallery 1010 in January 2013. The students worked collectively for 48 hours in a fluid exchange of ideas, design, construction, deconstruction and finally resolution under the title of MERGENCE. The process was documented in a time-lapse video sequence (click image to watch video) and an open notebook of comments and drawings.

Undergraduate and graduate students from all 3D studios work together on projects and events as a part of the Sculpture Club. This week the members are screen-printing the new logo (see image) designed by Jenny Chin, on a variety of objects including t-shirts that will be a fundraiser for club activities. The students are also partnering with the International Biscuit Festival for the second year to cast aluminum, bronze and iron biscuit-shaped trophies.

In addition to on campus and local community outreach projects, the UT Sculpture Club organizes field trips to galleries, museums and conferences in other cities such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chattanooga, and Asheville. This April, the students will be traveling to Birmingham, Alabama for the International Cast Iron Conference at the historic Sloss furnaces. In preparation for the conference, students will be making sand molds on campus that will be used to cast iron on site at Sloss.

Upcoming Sculpture Club visiting artist lectures in April include Caroline Covington, UT Sculpture technician, and Durant Thompson, Associate Professor of Sculpture at Ole Miss and UT Alumnus Sculpture BFA 1997. Durant is also a juror for the NEXUS indoor sculpture exhibit sponsored by the Dogwood Arts Festival at the UT Downtown Gallery.

The UT Sculpture Club students will be involved in helping to install the NEXUS exhibit and also outdoor sculptures around downtown Knoxville for the 2013 Art in Public Places exhibit, also sponsored by the Dogwood Arts Festival.

Finally, the Sculpture Club students, in cooperation with Dogwood Arts Festival and Gerdau AmeriSteel, will be collecting scrap metal at the local steel mill site that will be used to make new sculptures. Last year, students and local artists (including several UT Sculpture alumni) collected re-bar and odd-shaped pieces of steel and iron that is currently being welded and forged into a new community sculpture in the form of a tree (PHOTOS).


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