4D arts program features interdisciplinary arts courses.


It is part of 4D’s mission to expand its curriculum with other campus units to demonstrate the role time art plays in a variety of other disciplines. This fall two courses taught by Professor Norman Magden utilize this approach.  In the Art436C Video Art class students will produce a video called Communicating Science Through Video Art.  This will involve working with scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory through Christal Yost at the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences and the National Institute for Computational Sciences.  These scientists are working on different projects utilizing the super computer to communicate their theories through visualization projects.  These videos demonstrate the students’ understanding of that research through visual art and presents their interpretations of the scientist’s ideas in a video that includes creatively designed interviews.  These videos are used for promotion and NSF grant applications.

In another class, Art232C Performance as Art, Magden will team teach with Professor Joe Payne in the Theatre Department, who teaches projection and sound techniques.  The students will create a series of performances that combine projection media and live performance in a context of non-traditional theatre. Performance becomes a medium for each student to expressive personal creative concepts.


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