Exhibition proposal accepted by the NCECA

Proposal Rendering for Bumfack Co., by Kevin Kao and Xia Zhang to take place at the NCECA Project Space, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 2014.

Kevin Kao, a second year graduate student in ceramics at UT and Xia Zhang, a graduate student in ceramics at West Virginia University have had their exhibition proposal accepted by the National Council for Education in the Ceramics Arts (NCECA). Their ceramic art installation titled Bumfack Co. will be featured in this years’ NCECA Project Space to take place in conjunction with the annual conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 2014.

Their installation will explore perceptions of authenticity and value as they create handmade ceramic knock-­offs at a production facility situated within the NCECA conference. NCECA attendees will be invited to participate in the production of work and in so doing will be encouraged to consider their own perceptions of authenticity and value while experiencing differing, culturally based, production methods. The NCECA Project Space is a venue that incorporates clay within time-based, performative, or site responsive works and encourages interaction between the artist’s and NCECA conference attendees.


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