Art Grads Seek to Travel to NYC

Kevin Kao – I am a graduate student at UT who has the opportunity to see my dream come true–my art work displayed in the Chelsea Art Gallery District of NYC! Unfortunately, the cost of traveling and staying in NYC exceeds my budget.

My name is Kevin Kao and I am a graduate student in UT’s School of Master of Fine Arts program. By participating in UT’s Orange 3 program, I would be one of the few graduate students who will have the opportunity of exhibiting my own art in NYC. If I am not able to travel to NYC with Orange 3, I will miss out on a plethora of opportunities that will help me on my journey in becoming a professional artist.

A trip to NYC through the Orange 3 project will not just allow me to display my work to a professional audience, but will allow me to network and participate in art session within the Big Apple. I will be able to share my experience at UT with other School of Art alumni within the city and learn from their hardships and success as a well-established artist.

Please make my dream and other graduate students’ dreams come true. If VOLstarter raises $2,500 to send 5 of us to NYC, the School of Art will match us with $2,500. This will allow the Orange 3 program to send an EXTRA 5 students – a total of 10 students will have their dreams come true! So donate today and see a doubled impact no matter your gift size.


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