Two Printmaking Graduate Students Receive Fellowships

BJ and Raluca

B.J. Alumbaugh and Raluca Iancu, both printmaking graduate students in the UT School of Art have been recognized in two separate, highly competitive fellowship competitions.

B. J. Alumbaugh, a second year graduate student has been selected to receive the 2015 SGCI International Graduate Fellowship for $1,000. The fellowship will support a project that he will complete during his thesis year, and will be exhibited at the 2016 SGC International conference in Portland, Oregon next March.  Alumbaugh will be presented the award during the upcoming SGC International Conference to be held in Knoxville in March. Alumbaugh received his BFA degree from the University of Northern Iowa and worked at Yee Haw Industries before starting his graduate studies at Tennessee.

For his project he will create an immersive space utilizing variable editioning. On his project Alumbaugh states “I am interested in the ways we take in and reproduce information, whether it is through CMYK printing or RGB on-screen viewing, we absorb information through highly evolved, codified systems. These systems are exactly calibrated, and in most cases, their underlying mechanics are invisible to us when viewing them. I enjoy seeing what happens when these color registration systems are disrupted to reveal what lies underneath. When broken down, they create new and dynamic visual languages to be experienced in a much different way than their original intent. I want to create a space for rich commentary on variable methods in contemporary printmaking, and I see this project as a way to focus on process as the subject matter itself.”

Third-year graduate student Raluca Iancu has been selected to receive the 2015 Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshop Graduate Fellowship.  As recipient, she will present an exhibition of her work at the Warren M. Lee Center for Fine Arts on the campus of the University of South Dakota in July 2015. In addition to the solo exhibition, Iancu will also have her course fees waived to attend the Frogman’s 2015 Print Workshop.  Iancu, who completed her BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and received the J. Wallace & Katie Dean Graduate Fellowship
during her first year at UT, will be the third graduate student from UT to be selected for this award since it was established eight years ago. The subject of Iancu’s art is crashes of various sorts; cars, planes, boats and trains. Iancu is interested in the media representation of such crashes, their trivializing by over exposure and the loss of empathy for the victims.

Alumbaugh Website:
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