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Fall 2013 Artist-in-Residence, EJ Hauser

EJ Hauser in Painting III.

In addition to our core faculty, our nationally recognized Artist-in-Residence program brings a different visiting professional artist to the UT campus each semester. The artist-in-residence (AIR) teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in both Painting and Drawing areas. The AIR, who typically works and resides in New York or other urban centers, acts as an additional bridge between the university and life beyond it.

The 2014 Spring semester marks the AIR Biennial, an exhibition that will include work by recent AIR’s Patricia Treib and Michael Berryhill, current AIR EJ Hauser and forthcoming AIR, Jaya Howey. We are so excited to present work from such high caliber artists right here at the University of Tennessee’s Ewing gallery.

Our current AIR, EJ Hauser, was one of the few distinct artists to receive a prestigious Rema Hort Mann Foundation Award. She will give an in depth talk about her work on November 26 at 7:30 pm in RM 109. Be sure to arrive early, as seating is limited. This is a unique opportunity to see and hear about her work in person.

Josephine Halverson and Keltie Ferris (recent AIR’s) were recently featured in two separate videos produced by Art 21.



The AIR program crucially enriches the marketplace of ideas at the School of Art. Their presence on campus is palpable and the nature of discussion they propel is unparalleled.


Painting + Drawing area to host figure drawing nights this semester


The figure drawing night classes will be held each Tuesday, starting September 3, in room 425 of the Art + Architecture building. The classes will run from 7:00pm until 9:00pm, and they are open to any with avalid UT ID. Students must bring their own supplies, and they may draw, paint, or sculpt. Models will be present for each class.

If anyone has questions or concerns, the Painting and Drawing faculty can be reached by calling 865.974.3407 or emailing art@utk.edu.

Several Drawing majors received awards and assistantships

Erin Jones and Deborah Rule were both awarded Assistantships at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

Deborah Rule, Jennifer Grant and Catherine Widener were all recipients of awards at the EUReCA ceremony for their installations of creative work.

College Scholar student Kelsey Roy (BA, 2012), whose final project was to produce a children’s book, “Nemanee”, has been accepted into Columbia University’s Publishing Program.

Israel Ceja, (BA,2011) has been accepted into the Architecture Program at the University of Oregon.

Spotlight: Painting + Drawing

Screening from February 19 – March 31, on the Superscreens in Victory Park AAC, home of the Dallas Mavericks.

Do-All, Do-All, Do-All, is an exploration of meaning and history. The work has an identifiable relationship to landscape painting, a kind of narrative that unravels between the cultivated ground and the image, and cinema, a form of narrative that reveals itself over time. The work for Los Americanos, and the context in which it will be viewed lies somewhere between these two forms. Situating the work outdoors, on large formatscreens installed on buildings that bridge the gap between the earth and the sky, is a meaningful and important gesture.

The French word Dueil can be translated to mean mourning or bereavement. Inspired by the peasant drawings of Jean-François Millet and Vincent van Gogh my work seeks to play on the word Dueil (Dual, Duel and Dueil).

bienko_spot1 bienko_spot2 bienko_spot3

Pencil Pushed: Exploring Process and Boundaries in Drawing

About a week ago, this exhibit of many artists opened in Ewing Gallery (and later in Downtown Gallery). It is an exciting collaboration between current faculty, alumni, and other artists. Tonight, the deputy editor of Art News, Barbara MacAdam will give a lecture, focusing on this exhibit. The lecture begins at 7:30pm in A+A 109.

To read the full Knoxville.com article, please click here.

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