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Graphic Design program at-a-glance

Graphic Design Program at-a-glance.

The BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Tennessee is a 120 credit hour degree that sequences students from an introduction to the field and its history all the way to completing a self-defined semester-long project to be presented in front of a panel of business professionals. In between this there are investigations into typography, data visualization and research, workshops with both local and visiting designers, team projects solving interdisciplinary problems, and a at least 7 credit hours of gaining hands-on experience working as an intern in a professional setting. However, sometimes before that even can begin, what exactly a graphic designer does needs a bit of explanation.


The Graphic Design Program has compiled an information sheet that helps clarify a bit more of the options within the field of graphic design as well as answer common questions related to graphic design at UT. Faculty office hours are listed on the sheet, so feel free to stop by should you still have more questions.


Spotlight: Graphic Design

An excerpt from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, converted in a JPEG. This image was created using the Null_Sets app.

School of Art 4D and graphic design professor Evan Meaney, along with the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department’s Amy Szczepanski, have created an app that converts data into images. Specifically, they are converting works of literature (the works of William Shakespeare, Moby Dick, and Frankenstein to name a few) into various bands of color, creating abstract pictures.

The amazing development is covered by the Knoxville News-Sentinel’s online edition, and the full article can be read here.

UT High School Arts Academy

The 12th annual UT High School Arts Academy was held on March 16 in the School of Art for day-long classes in Drawing, Watercolor, Ceramics, Printmaking, Book Arts, Photography, Video, and Improv Design. All classes were taught by faculty, graduate students or former graduate students. The 80+ students were provided with lunch, a t-shirt designed by a former MFA student and an opportunity to view the UT Student Art Competition currently on exhibit in the Ewing Gallery. Students who participated came from 22+ area high schools in East Tennessee. At the end of the day, students toured the Art and Architecture facility to see the work produced in each of the classes. This event is coordinated by Marcia Goldenstein from the School of Art and Peggy Leland, Art Teacher, Central High School. Thanks to Lynn Champion in the College of Arts and Science, the William T. Ray Fellow and Scholar Fund, The School of Art, Knoxville Jerry’s Artarama, and XMC of East TN for making this special event possible.

Spotlight: Printmaking

Elements of the 3 Bridges Project, including the JFG sign, the marque for the Tennessee Theatre, graduate student Raluca Iancu with a sample paper building with screen printed doors and windows, and a paper Sun Sphere.

Students and faculty in the UT School of Art Printmaking Program are collaborating with colleagues from Ohio University and Northern Illinois University on the “Three Bridges Project,” a hypothetical city at 1:50 scale that combines signature elements of Knoxville (Tennessee), Athens (Ohio) and Dekalb (Illinois). The concept of “Three Bridges” references the “Milwaukee Bridge War” of 1845 between early settlers of Milwaukee. The project presents a hybrid city where the different communities are linked by draw-bridges. Funding for the project comes, in part, from the sale of small-scale billboards for printmaking suppliers, and will be installed at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design’s Riverview Gallery during the 2013 SGC International Conference, March 20-24, 2013. This project builds on prior collaborative projects with Ohio University, including the “We Have a Dream Project” for Knoxville’s MLK Parade in January 2011.

Wade Guyton honored with Accomplished Alumni Award

On December 12, School of Art alumnus (graduated in 1995) Wade Guyton (center in above photo) was presented with a UT Accomplished Alumni Award. He is the first UT alumnus to have his work featured in the prestigious Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. The award was presented to Guyton by Theresa Lee, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (left in above photo) and Dorothy Habel, School of Art Director and Professor of Art History (right in above photo).

Guyton grew up in Lake City, Tenn., but he now lives and works in New York. The Whitney Museum of American Art is currently showing a mid-career collection of Guyton’s work. The exhibition opened on Oct. 4 and will continue until Jan. 13, 2013. To read the full article in Tennessee Today, click here. There is also a photo album from the reception on the School of Art Facebook page.

University of Tennessee School of Art offers new MFA concentration


The School of Art announces a new three-year MFA concentration designed to support discovery, research and creative activity between graphic design and time-based media. Transmedia Design merges the former Graphic Design and 4D area masters concentrations into a new graduate curriculum. Combining faculty from both areas, it will begin its inaugural year with the Fall 2013 semester. “This program will compliment our other MFA concentrations already offered in Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Ceramics,” says David Wilson, School of Art Associate Director and Graduate Program Director.

Within Transmedia Design, the faculty foresee work being produced on a variety of levels including: interaction design, design strategy, video, film, performance, gaming, identity and branding, sound art, information design and motion. “The fields of both design and time-based media have changed considerably over the past several years. We see this merger as an opportunity to expand in a manner that does not require an approach through only one lens,” says Sarah Lowe, Associate Professor of Design.

In addition to the core curriculum work, advanced research will be conducted via three courses that have already been in rotation across the two areas. Experiments in Space, Experiments inSystems, and Experiments in Sequence are upper division courses that explore topics and theories beyond the world of art within a studio context. Evan Meaney, a joint hire between the Design and 4D areas, is the first hybrid faculty member within the concentration. He is currently conducting interdisciplinary work with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and sees these classes as critical to evolving an understanding of what Transmedia Design can be. “Collaborative research outside of the art and design worlds deepens a students understanding of what their own notions of art and design are. Discovering new concepts of what their work can be illustrates our intentions with the Transmedia Design program.”

The program has four graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs) available for the 2013-2014 academic year. Graduate assistantships offer both a tuition waiver and a stipend, providing students with the opportunity to become more involved in the School of Art teaching community. GTAs complete a course on teaching methodologies, and there is the potential to both assist faculty and be an instructor of record.

For more information on the program, please contact:

Evan Meaney, emeaney@tennessee.edu
David Wilson, dwilson3@tennessee.edu

Or visit the website: http://art.utk.edu/transmedia.html.

Printmaking students to be in Homecoming Parade

troy homecoming

Students from the Intermediate Printmaking class taught by Beauvais Lyons will participate in the UTK Homecoming Parade on Friday November 2nd on Volunteer Blvd. starting at 4pm. Their entry “Taming the Beasts of Ancient Troy” presents three-dimensional printed creatures.

Sculpture area to be recognized during Volunteer Leadership Awards

image image

On Friday, October 19, selections from the Sculpture area will be displayed during the cocktail hour at the Volunteer Leadership Awards, in the Convention Center.

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